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San Fernando Valley Divorce Attorney

Divorce Lawyers In San Fernando Valley, CA

Divorce is one of the most challenging events to go through. Though you have the legal right to navigate your divorce alone, having an experienced family law attorney can help you achieve a favorable and satisfying resolution. Joy Kraft Miles is a certified family law specialist in San Fernando Valley who stays current with complex and ever-changing laws.

At Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation, our divorce attorneys serving San Fernando Valley are committed to providing compassionate legal representation throughout the divorce process. When you hire our family law firm, you can expect a personalized strategy customized to fit your unique needs. Joy Kraft Miles has years of family law experience serving clients during significant life transitions. Our dedicated legal team can represent you, making it our priority to achieve your goals.

If You Are Considering Filing for Divorce in San Fernando Valley, California, Call Us at (818) 462-5076 or Contact Us Online to Schedule a Consultation.

How Do I File for Divorce in California?

Many decisions need to be made if you are facing a contested or uncontested divorce. Unfortunately, separating spouses must make many choices before settling a divorce in San Fernando Valley, California.

During your divorce, you will need to make decisions regarding:

Married couples can resolve some divorce cases through negotiation or mediation. Other divorces must be settled in the courtroom before a California judge. Whatever your circumstance, our goal is to represent your interests effectively. Our attorneys consider your and your children’s needs every step of the way.

What Are Grounds for Divorce in California?

According to California Family Code, divorce can be granted on one of two grounds:

  • Irreconcilable differences
  • Incurable insanity

California, unlike other states, is a no-fault divorce state, meaning a divorce can be granted as long as one party says there are irreconcilable differences. Further, when you claim irreconcilable differences as the cause for your divorce, you do not have to provide any proof of those differences, even if your spouse disagrees. California courts are not concerned with who is at fault for causing the irreconcilable differences.

However, suppose you claim incurable insanity as your reason for divorcing your spouse. In that case, you have to prove to the courts that your spouse is incurably insane – this could be medical records or psychiatric testimony.

The legal team at Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation can help you navigate the divorce process in California!

What Are the Benefits Of Hiring A Divorce Attorney In San Fernando Valley?

Hiring a divorce attorney in San Fernando Valley will help you tremendously. Your family law attorney can help you with several family law matters apart from the divorce, including setting up child custody, spousal support, and child support. When you work with our family law attorneys, know that you will be interacting with individuals who will go above and beyond to ensure your divorce process goes as smoothly as possible.

Some benefits of hiring a divorce attorney include the following:

  • Peace of mind knowing that you have a legal expert by your side to ensure you are on the right track.
  • Professional legal counseling to help you be well aware of your rights.
  • Strong court representation (in case your case gets escalated to the courthouse).
  • The avoidance of costly mistakes can ultimately save both time and money.

Are you or a loved one going through a divorce? Don't hesitate to reach out for professional help and support. Our family law attorneys serving San Fernando Valley are available to answer all of your questions and ensure that you are on the right track regarding your family matter. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

Trust Your Divorce to Our Experienced Team

At Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation, our family law attorneys have over 60 years of combined experience handling divorce-related cases. Our divorce lawyers serving San Fernando Valley offer reliable legal services at reasonable prices. We can help you navigate your divorce efficiently and cost-effectively.

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We Are Based in Woodland Hills but Proudly Serve the Entire San Fernando Valley. Contact Us at (818) 462-5076 Today.

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  • Joy has been a beacon of strength and competence during my multiple suits from my ex, and always keeps in mind what is in the children's best interests.

    “Joy has been my attorney for over two years. She's the third attorney I hired for my high-conflict, post-judgment divorce issues with my ex-husband who happens to be the head of his own law firm. Joy is very calm and reasonable and honest. She will tell you what is and is not worth fighting. She will make sure you're not fighting a losing battle or one you have no chance of winning. She'll give her spot on opinions about going to court vs. settling vs. mediation. In the face of nasty letters from my ex and his counsel, she stays cool and responds rationally, diffusing the situation. She keeps me up to date on communications between the parties and is easily available by phone or email during business hours. She is very responsive and will let me know when I'm wasting money on a matter. (I should add that he is the one constantly suing me, not me suing him.) Joy has been a beacon of strength and competence during my multiple suits from my ex, and always keeps in mind what is in the children's best interests. I highly recommend Joy for any divorce issues you may have. I have referred several friends to her and everyone has been happy with their results.”

    Former Client

  • She is top tier counsel, and worth every minute of her time.

    “Joy has been an outstanding attorney and one of the best in all of CA. She knows the law - a brilliantly sharp ally on your side when you need the right lawyer to help you through a divorce, child custody, and/or financial situations resulting from divorce. From the moment I consulted Joy to the final signing of my divorce, she proceeded with professional communication, always returned my calls, answered my emails promptly and displayed professional acumen in the courtroom. Joy is honest and makes sure you're prepared for any outcome. She is top tier counsel, and worth every minute of her time. Lastly and more importantly, she has a good heart. She understands divorce is not easy, she helped me from near homelessness to a place of peace and safety in my life, and her staff is just as amazing. They conduct business with compassion, and they communicate promptly. You're treated with importance, not as if you're just a client. Joy and her firm are certainly highly recommended, and if you want to win, call her today!”

    Former Client

  • In my view, she performed a miracle in three hours.

    “You have our sincerest thanks, and Ms. Miles, who did the best job, possibly, of any mediator I have ever appeared in front of. When I drove away from my home this morning, I had no hope whatsoever this case would come anywhere close to settling. In my view, she performed a miracle in three hours.”


  • Thank you Joy for all your guidance and understanding.

    “I met with Joy and her associate Lauren. I explained my situation and was amazed at how understanding and compassionate Joy was to my plight.”


  • Ms. Miles, Ms. Nordon, and the whole Kraft Miles staff provided us with the best service and support during a time of need.

    “Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation was outstanding and amazing. Ms. Miles, Ms. Nordon, and the whole Kraft Miles staff provided us with the best service and support during a time of need. They simplified the law, our entitlement, and explained everything that was going on during the trial. Thank you for accepting our case last minute, staying engaged throughout the whole process, and always being a phone call away when we needed (which was a lot) your guidance. Great service and thank you all.”

    Walyannah W.