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Child Support


Advocating for Fair Child Support Arrangements

Child support paymentCalifornia law requires that parents provide for their children’s financial needs. At the very center of all divorce cases where children are involved is the determination of child support. The guidelines for child support can be complex and confusing. Seeking help from a team of experienced divorce lawyers can make the process easier and more efficient.

At Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation, our San Fernando Valley child support attorneys have over 60 years of experience helping families in Woodland Hills and beyond manage the difficulties of divorce. Whether you are seeking child support payments or are being required to pay, our attorneys can help you achieve a solution that is you and your child’s best interests.

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Calculating Child Support in California

Child support payments in California are regulated by state guidelines. The amount of child support to be paid is determined by several important factors.

The court will consider:

  • Each parent’s income (two months' current income and a 12-month average)
  • The ability of each parent to earn (if not working)
  • Mandatory payroll deductions, such as retirement, health insurance, or union dues
  • The percentage of time each parent spends with the child(ren)
  • The support paid for other children
  • The cost of health insurance, travel for visitation, or childcare expenses
  • Tax filing status (married jointly, married separate or head of household, single), deductions (401k contributions, property taxes, property insurance) and exemptions (number of children, new spouse, etc.)
  • Hardships

It is important to have your most recently filed tax return and two months' of paystubs available. If you are self-employed. you will need a Profit and Loss, or Schedule C.

Our divorce lawyers are skilled in researching and presenting all the required information for your child support case. Helping you reach a fair agreement is our highest priority.

Ensuring Your Child's Financial Security Post-Divorce

Child support is a crucial aspect of ensuring the well-being and stability of children after a divorce or separation. It is intended to cover the child's basic needs, including food, shelter, clothing, education, and healthcare expenses. Our experienced San Fernando Valley child support lawyers are dedicated to advocating for the best interests of both parents and their children, ensuring that the child support arrangement is fair and equitable.

Some important factors to consider regarding child support include:

  • Ensuring financial stability for the child
  • Addressing the child's changing needs as they grow
  • Complying with California child support guidelines
  • Enforcing child support orders when necessary

At Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation, we understand the complexities of child support laws and strive to provide compassionate and effective legal representation for our clients. We can help you understand what you may pay or receive in child support. Contact us today to discuss your child support concerns with our reliable attorneys.

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