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Calabasas Family Law & Divorce Attorney

Proudly Helping Clients Through Complex CA Family Law Cases

Transition into divorce is always a difficult time. There are emotional aspects to manage, and there are fears of what happens next. If you are taking this step, you need a law firm that can help provide peace of mind during this trying time.

Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation is a Calabasas family law firm with over 60 years of experience. We are led by Ms. Joy Kraft Miles, a board-certified specialist. She has extensive experience in handling complex divorce issues.

Under her leadership, our team can assist with your needs. Let us handle your legal concerns, allowing you to handle moving forward with your life.

For family law representation in Calabasas, trust the experienced team at Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation. You can call us today at (818) 462-5076 or contact us opnline to schedule a consultation.

Property Division in Calabasas

In California, courts attempt to split marital property equally among the spouses. Technically, any property purchased during the marriage is considered martial property, and the spouses share its value. Splitting property among parties equally is no easy process.

Courts must determine which assets need to be retained and used. For example, someone will likely need to use the family car for work, and someone could be entitled to the home. Physical property such as this creates problems in an equal property division. One person may need to pay the other half the value of an item, or other physical property could be exchanged.

Our Team Handles Complex Asset Divisions

We can help you argue your entitlement to property.

For instance, you may need the home to help raise the children as the custodial parent. Perhaps there are no children in the marriage, but you have substantially more equity due to an inheritance or gift.

This could grant you entitlement. We can help show the courts that you should keep the physical property, and we can help negotiate other assets to ensure an equal split of property value among spouses.

Calabasas Child Custody Cases

Courts consider the best interest of the child when awarding custody.

Legal custody has to do with decision-making as it pertains to the child’s health, education and welfare. Unless issues such as child abuse, domestic violence, drug use, and alcohol abuse are present, courts are likely to award joint legal custody. This means the parties must discuss and consent in making choices about:

  • School/education
  • Medical care
  • Participation in extracurricular activities

Physical custody refers to where the children live. California uses a percentage system to describe the parenting plan or visitation timeshare. For example, all weekends plus holidays equals a 33% timeshare, whereas alternating weekends plus holidays is 20%. A 50/50 split is nearly impossible when the parents live far away from each other and they do not each have easy access to the child’s school, healthcare providers, extracurricular activities, and so on.

If you believe that a 50% custody split is possible and best for the kids, we can help you with the complex negotiations involved.

Custody decisions go far beyond a parent’s emotions. Courts want proof of what is best for the child, and the child’s needs are considered first. Often, decisions are made on a purely practical basis. Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation understands your need to be with your children. We can help demonstrate to the court how having more time with you is objectively better for the child’s welfare.

Many people still operate under the assumption that fathers inherently have fewer rights than mothers. These days, that is simply not the case. Mothers cannot block fathers from their rights to visitation, making decisions about the child’s well-being, and so on. If you’re a father who needs help getting access to your children, we can help. Blocking your access is illegal, and we can help hold parents responsible to the court.


Divorce doesn’t have to be a battle, and you can make agreements among yourselves. If you want to avoid court, consider mediation instead.

You can trust our skilled family attorneys to help mediate your negotiations. Our legal professionals can work for both of you, keeping fairness at the center of the conversation. We will act as a neutral third party, meeting with both of you, either together or separately, to discuss your needs.

Utilizing specialized training, we can help keep communication open, allowing both parties to express themselves and hear one another. If discussions become tense, we can help keep everyone cool and reasonable.

Through mediation, you are empowered in your divorce. You won’t worry about being forced into any actions because you decide and consent. The process saves you time. Instead of meeting regularly with your attorneys, discussing strategies that play out in court, you attend a handful of meetings. Saving time saves you money, avoiding expensive legal fees. Mediation can also preserve your privacy, as agreements are made behind closed doors instead of in court.

In the best-case scenarios, you and your former spouse can part as friends, having worked on one last project together. Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation suggests a joint consultation, with both parties, so we can be unbiased from the inception of the case and continuing the end.

Our Calabasas Legal Team can Assist You with a Wide Variety of Family Law Matters

Whatever your family law needs in Calabasas, you can rely on Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation to help. We care about our clients, and we will work hard to help keep you at peace during this difficult time

  • Legal Separation
  • Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships
  • Child Support
  • Restraining Orders
  • Paternity
  • Father’s Rights
  • QDROs
  • Prenuptial or Premarital Agreements
  • And more!

For high-quality legal care in Calabasas, CA, contact us online, or call us at (818) 462-5076 today!

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  • Super Lawyer 2021
  • ACFLS 2021
  • California Board of Legal Specialization
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  • SVBA Trustee


  • She listened and knew my desires for the outcome and got me a favorable decision.

    “Joy was very kind and considerate and hardworking throughout my divorce proceedings. She always kept me well informed and worked diligently for my best outcome. She listened and knew my desires for the outcome and got me a favorable decision. She negotiated ferociously and intelligently working within my timeframe and budget for a desirable outcome. I would highly recommend Joy to anyone.”



    “Joy showed up, did her job in court and won our case—end of story. I showed up unannounced and Joy met with me and listened—greatly appreciated. HIRE THIS FINE ATTORNEY!”


  • You always had a positive outlook!

    “I want to thank you so very much for all the work and care you gave to getting me through my very sad divorce. You always had a positive outlook, even in my darkest moments. I am still in disbelief that this happened after 37 years. I hope to find some healing for my family and me with time.”

    Former Client

  • The entire staff at Kraft Miles went above and beyond their duties at all times from day 1!

    “I have been in and out of family court for the past 14 years battling a high conflict case. I have had a total of 5 different attorneys prior to finding this firm. This firm is the ONLY firm that made me feel cared for, heard, and understood. The patience they had for all my questions, issues and concerns, the dedication working late hours to do the best job possible. The true care and attention they put into my case makes this firm the best firm I have ever dealt with. My case is a high conflict case and before I found Brigitte and Joy I was completely lost and taken advantage of by my previous attorneys. The entire staff at Kraft Miles went above and beyond their duties at all times from day 1! Having dealt with so many attorneys, I would, hands down, recommend this firm to everyone in need of representation. They have been a light in my path after such a long dark road! I am so grateful.”

    Sheyla C.

  • She will go out of her way to help you out!

    “Very nice and helpful lady, she helped me out a lot. I recommend everyone to her, she will go out of her way to help you out!”