Why You Need a Prenuptial Agreement

Modern marriage has come a long way as couples are no longer expected to stay in failing relationships. The pressure to spend forever in the wrong situation is no longer a social expectation, which is why more and more couples are choosing to take precautionary steps to protect their futures in case the worst happens. The most practical way for you and your future spouse to take control of your lives is to enter into marriage with all of your financial, personal, and future matters sorted with a prenuptial agreement.

Though they were once stigmatized, prenuptial agreements are not representative of a lack of faith in the relationship. In fact, they have become more and more popular across the generations for couples seeking to protect themselves. When discussing whether to sign a prenuptial agreement before entering into marriage, many couples fear this will tarnish hopes for a successful relationship and choose to risk their futures as a result. However, even without significant assets or properties, a pragmatic and forward-thinking an adult should always consider the possibility of a worst case scenario and how to avoid it. Divorce is not the only situation to prepare for, and couples should consider the possibility of unexpected circumstances such as incapacitation, bereavement, etc.

Signing a prenuptial agreement is a true act of love in that you are trying to protect your spouse’s future, too. A prenuptial agreement is not meant solely for the rich and famous nor is it meant to be a one-sided legal agreement. Instead, it is meant to serve the needs of couples in any capacity. Whether you anticipate the need for one, a prenuptial agreement may be the best decision you and your future spouse make.

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