Valley Lawyer Features Joy Kraft Miles as SFVBA Board of Trustee Candidate


The San Fernando Valley Bar Association (SFVBA) will soon elect a new Board of Trustees from a pool of leading candidates. At Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation, we are excited to announce that our own Attorney Joy Kraft Miles is one such leading candidate. She was featured in a recent edition of Valley Lawyer, a popular legal publication in the San Fernando Valley.

Readers of the publication were given the chance to get to know more about Joy, her history as an attorney in the San Fernando Valley, and why she is an optimal candidate for the SFVBA Board of Trustees. If elected to the SFVBA Board of Trustees, Attorney Miles has promised her focus would be helping the less fortunate gain access to legal education. She would also like to direct her efforts towards the continued and improved promotion of the Valley Community Legal Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, and the recruitment of more outstanding SFVBA members to join the already impressive individuals who belong to the organization.

Why a Vote for Joy is the Right Choice

SFVBA Board of Trustees members hold the future of the SFVBA itself in their hands. As the primary management team of the SFVBA, Trustees must work to guide, shape, and improve the organization and help it achieve its goals. The importance of the role means that qualified and dedicated individuals must be elected to it, which is why choosing Joy is a vote well-placed.

Joy has been an SFVBA member ever since her years in law school, giving her a close connection to the organization and insight into its purpose and how it runs. Her background in business networking and philanthropic efforts – including her role as a Valley Community Legal Foundation (VCLF) board member – positions her further as a reliable choice for the SFVBA Board of Trustees. She is also proudly continuing the legacy of her late mother – Attorney Marcia L. Kraft – who was loved throughout the SFVBA and local legal communities as a thoughtful and generous leader.

With her extensive legal background, genuine connections with the SFVBA, and heartfelt motivations to always do her best for the organization and the people it supports, Attorney Joy Kraft Miles is the top choice for the upcoming SFVBA Board of Trustees election.

To learn more about Attorney Joy Kraft Miles and why she has thrown her hat into the SFVBA 2019 Board of Trustees ring, you can click here to access a PDF version of the July 2019 Valley Lawyer publication. She is featured on page 27.

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