Tips for Co-Parents During COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting how divorced parents navigate their already complex situation. Kids are out of school and many parents are either out of work, working remotely, or essential workers who must still leave their home for work. Whatever your situation is, you are likely experiencing some unusual difficulties during this global crisis. Even under normal circumstances, co-parenting can be a challenging experience, so you are likely in need of a few tips to get you through this difficult time. 

Tips for Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis 

We are living in an unexpected and unpredictable time, so even parents with the best intentions may run into some tough situations.  

Here are some tips that can help you navigate the obstacles you may encounter: 

  • Communicate and be willing to compromise: Effective communication is always an essential element in co-parenting, but it is particularly crucial now. When in doubt, put it in writing because it will be the unhappy parent filing a motion in court when this is over, and you may need proof of your reasonableness.  You and your former partner’s routines and schedules probably changed due to the pandemic, so this situation is not business as usual. Now more than ever, you will need to keep the lines of communication open and be willing to compromise when it supports the best interests of your children.  Let the other parent know what precautions you take to keep your household safe. 

  • Stay informed and be health-conscious: It is crucial for you and your co-parent to comply with state guidelines and model good behavior for your children. Wash your hands, wipe down objects and surfaces you frequently touch, and keep a physical distance. Additionally, you should all make an effort to stay informed, so consider visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website to stay up to date. Doing so can keep you and your children safe. 

  • Be understanding and flexible: The pandemic may throw a wrench in your current parenting schedule, so it is important to work together and be flexible if possible. The last thing you want to do is create more stress and tension in an already overwhelming situation. Parents are “essential” to a child’s well-being so don’t unreasonably withhold visitation without serious health threats or exposure. 

  • Remember that you are a team: Co-parenting is a two-person job, so you need to keep in mind that although these are trying times, you cannot make unilateral decisions or it may be used against you in court and compromise your custody agreement. You are still a team and must make decisions related to your children as a team and determine what is in their best interests. 

Reach Out to Our Compassionate Family Law Team for the Advice You Need 

The COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult time for us all, but it is crucial for parents to comply with their custody order even in the face of adversity and, if necessary, coordinate and compromise when possible. At Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation, we understand how difficult this situation is and will provide the exceptional legal advice and support you need to skillfully navigate the issues you are facing. With our family law team on your side, you can feel confident that you will receive the best results for your case.  

We can assist with informal negotiations, setting up private mediation, finding a child custody referee or aiding with police enforcement of prior orders. 

Call our law office today at (818) 462-5076 to set up an initial consultation with a trusted member of our team. 

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