All family law ex parte oppositions and applications in cases other than those involving restraining orders must be presented for filing before 10 am in all districts, according to amended Local Rule 5.3(a)(2). The new rule became effective as of Monday, November 2, 2020, and eliminates the discrepancies in deadlines among districts. Additionally, litigants will no longer have to communicate with the Clerk of Court regarding deadlines for a specific district.

More About the Changes

The amended rule states that any party who brings an ex parte application must present it for filing before 10 am on the day for which notice was provided. If the individual did not provide any notice, the application must be presented for filing before 10 am on the day the applicant is seeking the order. The ex parte application must be presented to the Clerk’s Office of the district courthouse assigned to the case via fax, dropbox filing, or physical delivery.

For those filing papers in opposition to an ex parte application, these papers must also be filed before 10 am on the day for which notice was provided. If an opposing party may also request a hearing by 10 am in lieu of a written opposition. Based on the documents submitted, the court can issue emergency orders before ruling on a party’s ex parte application. Under these circumstances, the court will give reasonable notice to ensure the opportunity for remote or in-person appearances in court.

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