How the VCLF Helps California San Fernando Valley Residents Find Success


The Valley Community Legal Foundation (VCLF) acts as a charitable extension of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. The VCLF assists Valley residents in need of legal support, such as needy children, victims of domestic violence, and veterans. The VCLF also provides scholarships to high school students interested in pursuing a career in law, and works with legal projects across the Valley to provide high-quality, affordable legal assistance to Valley residents.

In the February 2020 issue of Valley Lawyer Magazine, Judge Virginia Keeny was recognized as judge of the year. In her interview for the magazine, Keeny highlighted the efforts of the VCLF. VCLF member and attorney, Joy Kraft Miles, also wrote about the efforts of the VCLF in the same issue. Here's what they had to say.

Judge Virginia Keeny on the VCLF

Judge Keeny's love of philanthropy began with her grandfather Sam Keeny, who acted as the director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Asia from 1950-1963.

In her interview with Valley Lawyer Magazine, Judge Keeny says,

"When I initially decided to become a lawyer, it was with the goal of doing law in the public service either as a public defender or through the services provided by legal aid attorneys. My initial belief was that I could contribute the most by working with under-represented communities and help give them greater access to housing, social services, public benefits and justice in terms of making available competent criminal defense."

That dedication to community service inspired Judge Keeny to become a family court judge and involve herself with the VCLF. According to Judge Keeny, her work with the VCLF "is really what has cemented my commitment to remaining a judge in the Valley and has genuinely enriched my time here."

Judge Keeny pays special attention to how the VCLF gives more than $10,000 to high school students across the San Fernando Valley who want to pursue an education in law, many of whom come from difficult situations.

The VCLF program that Judge Keeny is most proud of is the 'Consitution & Me' program, spearheaded by Judge Firdaus Dordi, and attorneys Kira Masteller and Joy Kraft Miles. In 'Constitution & Me,' the judge and attorneys spend three sessions in a high school expalaining how cases are prepared and presented in court. According to Judge Keeny, "it is a fabulous program and teachers and students are incredibly excited about it. We are continuing it on an expanded basis this coming school year."

Here at Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation, we're honored to participate in the VCLF with Judge Keeny, and appreciate her kind words about Attorney Kraft Miles' contributions to the VCLF with the 'Constitution & Me' program.

Attorney Joy Kraft Miles on the VCLF

Attorney Joy Kraft Miles is a proud member of the VCLF, leading the charge for charitable law work in the San Fernando Valley by founding programs like 'Constitution & Me.'

According to Attorney Kraft Miles, pursuing philanthropy via organizations such as the VCLF is a reward in and of itself. Attorney Kraft Miles says of her work with the VCLF,

"when you pursue a greater mission of doing good, you feel more connected to your community, you manifest goodwill for your business, and you become more attractive to current and potential clients, referral sources, colleagues and employees."

Organizations such as the VCLF don't only provide students in the San Fernando Valley with new opportunities or provide legal assistance to those in need. They also act as valuable opportunities for members of the bench and bar to collaborate and bridge the gap they may experience professionally. Attorney Kraft Miles says that during her time with the VCLF,

"I have given and gained referrals from colleagues in other fields of law, I have become counsel for some and sought professional advice from others. I have developed friendships with members of the bench, whom I would otherwise not have the opportunity to know, and have gained greater understanding of the relationship between the bench and the bar."

The VCLF provides an invaluable opportunity for San Fernando Valley residents, students, attorneys, and judges to work towards a better future together. At Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation, we're proud to work with the VCLF to provide Valley residents with the tools they need to navigate complicated legal situations successfully.

If you live in the Valley and need a compassionate, experienced legal team that can help you deal with your case, Kraft Miles, A Law Corporation, is here to help. Contact us online or via phone at (818) 462-5076 for a consultation with our team.

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